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Terms and Conditions

1. Any Tax and levy payable at present or in future by any act or legislation of central Govt. /State Govt., will be paid by the applicant over and above the cost of flats.

2. Allotment of flats is subjected to the timely payment.

3. Promoter reserves the right to cancel the allotment, if an applicant fails to deposit two successive instalments.

4. In case of default of payments as scheduled, an interest @18%per annum shall be charged for the intervening period.

5. No interest will be payable on the deposit made by the applicant.

6. Withdrawal of any booking can be made with three months prior notice given by the applicant, A sum of Rs.25000/- will be deducted as cancellation charge.

7. The choice of the flats shall be available as per the rule of builder on first come first serve basis.

8. All allots will have to abide by the rules and regulation during course of time by promoters.

9. The applicant has to bear any other nominal fees such as technical, legal etc.

10. No registration charge will be borne by the Promoter/Development.

11. The applicant has to enter into this transaction with full knowledge and subjected to all laws, notification and rules applicable to this area.

12. All specifications, size and layout etc. may be subjected to alternation, addition or variation as may be felt necessary for the technical reasons by the promoters/commitment authority, the cost involved will be borne by customer for witch prior consent of the customer will not be required.

13. Maintenance charge of common service like water supply, sewerage, security, lift operation, common power consumption for external lighting, generator operation etc. will be charged as fixed by the society.

14. Promoters/Society has the right to disconnect common facilities such as water supply electricity etc. of any owner of the flat, if he fails to pay monthly maintenance cost.

15. Fees payable for fixation of individual flats holding number by Municipal Corporation /Govt. authority will be borne by the individual flat’s owner at the time of assessment order.

16. In accordance with cost, acceleration will be adopted.

17. No transfer of booking will be adopted.

18. Any disputes will be settled by Patna jurisdiction.